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Subject: Family Debt - Part 15John's ViewI was thrown to the floor at Barney's feet as he stood up
from his stool."Too long," I heard Barney say."Then it's your lucky day, Barney," Joan told him. "Mr
Ames wants to show us how well he sucks cock. And yours
is the only one around."He stood in front of me, his groin on a level with my
face and close enough for me to smell his old man smell."He stinks of piss," I heard him complain from above me."That's Amanda's," Joan said. "She pissed on his sissy
cock. The dirty little whore loved it. You should have
seen how it made his cock grow."There was a short pause, and then Barney said, "Can I
piss in the bastard's mouth?"There was a burst of laughter from behind me. "Sure,
Barney," Joan said. "But let him suck it first. That's
what we came here to see."I watched as Barney lifted his hands to lower the zip of
his fly, letting more of lolitas preteens ls models
that old man smell out. He
pulled out a wrinkled little cock and stepped forward to
rub it over my lips."Not had an erection in years," he told the women. "But
you never know, face fucking this sissy faggot might just
do it. You k now the bastard never could remember my
name. Not important enough, that's why. But I'm important
now, aren't I, you cunt?"I nodded, but that wasn't enough for him. He slapped my
face, and told lolitas preteens ls models
me to treat him with respect."Yes, Sir," I said."Good boy," he said. "Now suck my dick, cunt."Fighting down the urge lolitas debutantes virgins teens to retch at the taste and smell of
his old cock, I closed my mouth over his limp manhood.Claire's top of lolita sites ViewKay and my sister made me drive us all home, while they
sat in the back with Dawn between them. I looked back
once to see Samantha with her hand up my daughter's skirt
and Kay with hers inside her top, but was immediately
ordered by Samantha to watch the road and mind my own
business. Back at the house I let us all in and the four
of us trooped into the living area. Kay wandered about
the room, picking up this and that and looking at it like
she owned the place. She came to the family photographs
on the dresser and smiled as she surveyed them."So sweet and innocent," she said. "Who could tell that
you were all such dirty whores underneath?""We need more realistic photos, Kay," Samantha added with
a grin.She joined her friend and took a small stack of prints
from her bag. She showed them to Kay, and they both
laughed before beginning to remove some of the photos
from the frames and replacing them with the ones from
Samantha's bag. I watched horrified as they were
displayed one by one. John in Dawn's bra and panties.
Then him with Dad's dick in his mouth and a dildo up his
rear. Me standing in my underwear, and another with my
face buried in Samantha's bum."We'll do some more when we have more pictures," Samantha
said."You can't possibly expect me to leave that filth there,"
I protested angrily.Samantha took one quick step towards me and slapped me
hard across the face. "You lolita young free tgp
don't talk to me like that,
you thief," she spat at me. "Never again. That filth is
you and your fucking family as they should be. They stay
there, and you like it or lump it."She calmed a little as I put a hand to my burning cheek."Go upstairs and get yourself cleaned up," she ordered
me. "Then put on something pretty. Dawn, go and put your
school uniform on." Dawn started to protest, but Samantha
stopped her with one look which did amuse me despite
everything.I followed Dawn up the stairs, and she went sulkily into
her room while I made for our en suite shower. I went to
close the Door of our bedroom, but Steve appeared and
pushed it back open again."I need to have shower," I told him."So!" he responded in a surly tone. "You can't still be
modest about what you got, Mum."I gave him a look, but they didn't seem to work anymore.
I supposed I shouldn't be surprised at that. Almost
defiantly, I stripped off my blouse and skirt, leaving me
naked as Samantha had not allowed me to put on underwear
before leaving the gymn. He laughed when he saw the words
she had written on my body, but I ignored him and went
through to the shower room. He followed me in, which I
had half expected him to, and when I stepped into the
shower and closed the glass door he pulled it open again."I'm going to watch," he said, sitting himself down on
the lavatory.I turned my back on him and switched on the water. When
next I turned again, he was still sitting there but with
his flies undone and his dick in his hand. He was slowly
wanking it as he watched me. I felt a flush at the
thought of my son playing with his dick as he looked at
my naked body, but I realised that the flush was not all
disgust. There was some little excitement buried in there
too. And then to my shame, I found myself putting on a
show. Bending over more than was necessary, taking far
longer than they needed on washing my breasts and my
privates. Until the moment came when he grunted and shot
a huge load across the bathroom floor.He looked down at his dick, the head glistening with cum,
and then up at me."Clean it, bitch," he said.I stepped out of the shower, still dripping wet, and
stood over him. Then slowly I got down on my knees and
leant forward to lick the tip of his slowly subsiding
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